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New arrivals Big Size 💝 Plump beauty👱‍♀️The gospel is coming Big breasts show small 1. The armpit clamp position is widened, which can effectively collect breast milk and has no trace effect. 2. Big breasts look smaller and thinner, look better in clothes, the cup is only 0.3cm light and thin, and the big breasts are supportive and breathable, bid farewell to stuffiness. 3. High-elastic memory steel ring, you can easily enjoy the comfort of no steel ring, and you can wear it with a big chest and feel safe. 4. The back is better than non-marking fabrics, and has better resilience than ordinary fabrics. It is comfortable to wear and has no marks on the back, and it is not awkward to dress. 5. The side is wider than 12.5cm, the adjustable underwear, the shoulder strap is stable and non-slip, and the length can be adjusted. 6. Imported lace, more fashionable, full and gentle color, absolutely high-quality Bra. 新品上市 大码内衣 💝 丰满型美女👱‍♀️福音来咯 大胸显小款 1.腋下夹腕位加宽,有效收副乳及无痕功效。 2.大胸显小,显瘦,穿衣服更好看,罩杯轻薄只有0.3cm,大胸穿有承托力又透气,告别闷热。 3.高弹记忆钢圈,可以轻松享受无钢圈的舒适,大胸穿又有安全感。 4.后比无痕面料,比普通面料的回弹更好,穿着舒适无痕,后背无痕,穿衣不尴尬。 5.侧比12.5cm加宽调整型内衣,肩带稳固防滑,还可以调节长短。 6.进口蕾丝花边,更时尚,色泽饱满温柔,绝对是高品质内衣。