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🌹 Rose Romance Bra · DJ210716 Total Wellness Underwear. Classic Collection Color: Black & Nude SIZE:70A~85A 70B~95B(90B&95B without Essential Oil Pack)75C~95C 75D~95D 75E~95E 🌹 Original design with exquisite lace (using imported golden silk lace with French exquisite flora design) worn and be elegant 👩 🌹 Bionic Touch and Lifting Curve (built-in natural plant essential oil bionic touch and soft beads massage) 🌹 Temperature change for antibacterial purpose, breathable and comfortable(Fabric with infrared can change temperature for antibacterial function, high moisture absorption and breathable, antibacterial and bacteriostatic) 🌹 Breast SPA (built in tourmaline stone for breast massage, excellent for second time growth) 🌹 Hyaluronic Acid Fabric to Beautify Skin and Hydrating (beautify skin hydrating, skin care) 🌹 Breathable and high wings give good effect fat coverage(breathable mesh reduce stuffy, four row five buckle design) 🌹 Bamboo Carbon Fiber Fabric on wings portion (Natural multifunctional bamboo carbon fabric, far infrared heat storage / moisture absorption and breathable / antimicrobial / green environmental protection anti-ultraviolet) 🌹 Detachable shoulder strap, thicker design for pressure reduction and anti-slip (2CM wide shoulder strap for pressure reduction, detachable, anti-slip, adjustable) 🌹 Perfect coverage for second breast and Locking Fat (14.5CM High Side Boning Design, Side Pushing, Locking Fat for Styling Cartilage) 🌹玫瑰留香•DJ210716 新品保健内衣 致敬经典 颜色:黑色&肤色 尺码:70A~85A 70B~95B(90B&95B没有加厚精油袋)75C~95C 75D~95D 75E~95E 🌹原创设计 精致蕾丝(采用进口金丝+法式精致植物花朵设计)穿上就是优雅女人👩 🌹仿生触感 提升曲线(内置天然植物精油仿生触感兼柔珠按摩) 🌹温变抗菌 透气舒爽(温变抗菌面料远红外功能,吸湿透气,抗菌抑菌) 🌹美胸SPA 按摩丰胸(按摩因子托玛琳疏通乳腺,促进胸部二次发育) 🌹玻尿酸面料 美肤补水(美肤补水,呵护肌肤) 🌹透气后比 锁脂美背(透气网眼拒绝闷热,四排五扣设计) 🌹竹碳机侧后比 多效合一(天然多功能竹碳机面料,远红外线蓄热保暖/吸湿透气/抑菌抗菌/绿色环保抗紫外线) 🌹可拆卸肩带 减压防滑(2CM宽肩带减压不勒,可拆卸防滑可调) 🌹侧收副乳 定型锁脂(14.5CM高侧比设计,定型软骨侧推锁脂 )